Renovating an Art-Deco Home

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Architect Ryan Schmidt bought a property that once belonged to the all-star NHL left winger David “Sweeney” Schriner for the price of $565,000. Then after acquiring the property, he spent $300,000 restoring it.

Although built during the deco period, the house barely represents the style of the era at first glance. It’s interiors, however, with panelled archways and plastered doors will remind you of the era of the house’s construction. Mr. Schmidt, with the help of his wife, Meghan, and his father, Lyle, a retired contractor, renovated the property and return it to its former glory.

First, he set out to decontaminate the house.  With the help of an asbestos-abatement team, vermiculite was removed from the attic. After tearing down the internal walls, he thought that the room would be perfect as the master suite. The kitchen had neither dishwasher nor counter plugs, and so a complete overhaul was necessary. Throughout 2017, Mr. Schmidt worked on restoring the house, and spent $300,000 for it. He retiled the kitchen and bathrooms and rebuilt the fireplace, and these, are just some of the works done in the house.

Then in January 2018, Ron and Catherine Larson visited the property. By then the restoration was already completed, and the house, ready to take residents under its roof again. The couple was living in a condominium before but the lack of parking space and dining was a source of inconvenience. And the Schriner house seemed to be the perfect place they were looking for.

The Larsons dipped into their retirement fund to purchase the lovely house. There were hesitations in their part, thinking that there was no way they could afford the property, but they didn’t want to let go of the opportunity of owning it. The couple decided to purchase the house and the secondary building for a total price of $1.25-million.

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