GTA Capital Partners is made of some of the best real estate & business people in their fields –  attorneys, realtors, accountants, advisors, deal strategist and coaches who understand what our clients want and know how to close deals.

About the Senior Managing Partner



Mark Huggins, Senior Managing Partner of GTA Capital Partners, is the deal maker of the organization.  His many years of providing formidable customer service have awarded him a sixth sense for spotting the right relationship and turning it into a long-term and lucrative one making him one of the top investors in the country.





Maria Alfano, Senior Managing Partner of GTA Capital Partners, top speaker in her field, speaks to business folks all over Canada and the US on finances, discretionary income and mind set.  Her scrutinous eye will not accept a deal that hurts partners. She will work at finding the most creative way to complete a deal that is prosperous for all.


Together they have done business with JT Foxx, Raymond Aaron, Eric Trump, Scott McGillivray, Michael Saracini, Robert Shemin, Robert Kiyosaki and many of the top entrepreneurs in North America. One of this team’s greatest abilities is to get the deals done in ways the average investor would not imagine in order to create a winning situation at all times for their exclusive membership.

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