About GTA Capital Partners

GTA Capital Partners is one of North America’s premier exclusive Real Estate and Business Investment Firms specializing in the acquisition of below market properties and companies in emerging markets. We invest with and partner in real estate and business both locally and nationally across the USA and Canada.  What makes GTA Capital Partners unique is our long term relationships we have with people who bring us deals and opportunities and the people to whom we send deals to. Our philosophy is simple – results for everyone.  And, our success is driven by a transformational way of thinking, a focus on loyalty and lasting relationships.

We can close deals relatively quickly using cash or other creative means depending on the transaction and the type of deal. On occasion we take the opportunity to partner with selective individuals that are members of our exclusive team.  Our exclusive members enjoy the ability to do many great deals safely, securely and very profitably because we don’t just focus on returns but we focus on the long term sustainability of the relationship.

We are huge supporters of deals that are executed in a creative manner or outside the box; whether it is seller financing or lease options. One of the many reasons we have achieved so much success is that we are very good at problem solving and finding the solutions to make any deal work.

Our company is partnered with firms that specialize in short term transactional funding in both Real Estate and business lending that are usually secured by other assets to fit our criteria.
If you do not have deals to send us but know of people who would be a good fit, have them send us their great deals, and we can still do business. We have different partnership criteria to make sure that you profit as well and that you become a partner in those deals or get an assignment fee.

The two things that you will never have to worry about when you chose us, is:

  • Everything will be in writing
  • Loyalty is everything; we will never go around you. When you bring us a deal or a relationship, you will be compensated all the way and we will never go around you.

New Division

We recently launched a new division of our business that is called “We Send you Great Deals”. Because of the success of our company and the fact that is impossible to do every deal that comes through us, we decided to open our database of below market deals for investors who were looking for great deals. The results have been astonishing and very profitable for all parties. We have taken assignment fees or partnered with these individuals. We usually assess the situation on a case by case basis. We have limited the number of investors on this list and focus on the quality rather than the quantity. If you are interested visit the “We Send You Great Deals” part of the website.

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